Jan Thiel area in the South-east of DUSHI Curacao. 

Surrounded by crystalline beaches, beach life, watersports,

tours trips, entertainment, restaurants, 

nature park with flamingoes, tracking, jogging and more.


At Mi Cuna Stays Collection

                                                                               YOU WILL LOVE IT 




An modern, rustic and pleasant Villa with friends, family of group (between six and fourteen)  

Stay in the seven double-bedrooms (with AC + fridge)

from which:

- Five rooms with shower, toilet, walk-in closet. 

- One central shower and toilet;

- Internet TV;

- Entertainment-room; 

- Large kitchen and dinner table;

- Pleasant  wide terrace and balcony;

- Pool table,

- Swimming pool, 

- Washing machine and more.


 A serene pleasant stay for single or a couple.  a two persons apartment equipped with kitchen,  shower, toilet and a breeze balcony and washing machine.

Experience some beautiful honeymoon days, stay for a while as a digital nomad or just to get away from the everyday life. 

Enjoy your breakfast, daybreak or evening on the dreamy breeze terrace 

Explore the Island in your own Jeep is a fabulous option. 


Idyllic terrace with green, herbs, palms and vegetable to enjoy your breakfast, brunch or happy early happy hour with friends. Serenity in a breeze Island ambiance.

landscaped garden with dinner deck outside under the moon.

Inquire all about the Island tours, and Island trips, arrange a fabulous night of barhopping: -urban, authentic, -Caribbean, -Happy-Local, -deep-house or -beach-club.  Dress up: casual, relax or sophisticated.  Inquire it all with Rafa your Mi Cuna host.