Terms and Conditions

Booking is definitive on the payment date and time.

Payment prior to 30 days before arrival is 50% refundable.

Payment within 30 days before arrival are non refundable.

Guest will take our neighbors in consideration regarding sound, music and decent behavior.

Guest will not have have filming and other artistic activities without the written consent

of the owners.


The security deposit is charged when:


1)  the utility quota is surpassed (40kWh pday electra/ 1 cube p day)

2)  broken or damaged good, furniture, machinery or other items pertaining to the property

When the damaged or utility cost is surpassed, guest agrees to pay this sum to Mi Cuna BV

or by cash to the owner

Guest will receive the status of the utility meters at arrival and departure followed

by a report of use.



The owner will refer to the use of alternative possibilities in case of any failure that

can not be resolved during the stay. This will not constitute in any ways to a refund.


We are happy to welcome you to Villa mi Cuna, we take good care of details to offer

you a place to relax and to share with your family/friends/colleagues.

We kindly request to keep this care during your stay. The owner will show you around

the Villa with recommendations and notes.


Take in consideration the use of Utilities and other safety and health security recommendations. The price of Utilities on the Island varies 

The proper use of the alarm-system is mandatory.